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Pamela Milliken
The Venerable Losang Samten
Ruben Orellana
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Jesse Smith
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Wellspring is committed to spiritual development that fosters personal empowerment in a safe, open-hearted environment. Communities of people dedicated to expanding their consciousness, for the welfare of all beings, uphold each individual’s growth. Wellspring welcomes everyone who desires to live a more authentic life.

Wellspring Spiritual Center is located in a secluded, pastoral setting in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. With heated flooring and natural lighting, it is the perfect place to grow, relax and renew. Directions to Wellspring are provided upon registration.

We offer this Metta Prayer of Gratitude, from our hearts to your heart:

To all the teachers and servicios, for answering
their call to serve and for their dedication
to our Spiritual Communities,
we are grateful.

To all who support us; most especially those who
voluntarily give their time, energy and prayers,
continuously holding us in light and love,
we are grateful.

To all awakened sentient beings, for generating
energies of peace, loving kindness
and compassion for the world,
we are grateful.

To Black Box, for relentless attention to detail,
creativity and integrity in designing our website,
we are grateful.

To Wendy Ronga, for her creative design
and open heart to produce the printed calendar,
we are grateful.

To all those who, without hesitation,
generously give financially to “The Well,”
ensuring the growth of our vision,
we are grateful.

To you, who are called to journey and study
with us, open-heartedly and mindfully,
we are grateful...

Your commitment to expanding consciousness
allows our vision to be our collective reality


Many Blessings!

“I come from the East, most of you [here] are Westerners. If I look at you superficially, we are different, and if I put my emphasis on that level, we grow more distant. If I look on you as my own kind, as human beings like myself, with one nose, two eyes, and so forth, then automatically that distance is gone. We are the same human flesh. I want happiness; you also want happiness. From that mutual recognition, we can build respect and real trust of each other. From that can come cooperation and harmony.”
— His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama