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Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith was introduced to native North and South American cultures as a young child. The quest for a deeper understanding of their beliefs and the way they perceive the world started him on his path. This eventually lead him to Wellspring, where he has studied Inkan Shamanism with Ruben Orellana, Theo Paredes, Pam Milliken, Roger Cerruti and the Wellspring allyu. He has been a servicio for “Introduction to Inkan Shamanism: Teachings and Healing Practices” for three years and is grateful to be of service for the next year’s series.

Jesse has also been a practicing Buddhist since 2001 and feels extremely blessed to be a part of Wellspring’s Sangha.

“Every minute you perform hundreds of karmic actions, yet you are hardly conscious of any of them. In the stillness of meditation, however, you can listen to your mind, the source of all this activity. You learn to be aware of your actions to a far greater extent than ever before. This self-awareness leads to self-control, enabling you to master your karma rather than be mastered by it.”
— Lama Thubten Yeshe, "In Wisdom Energy"