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Pamela Milliken

Pamela Milliken is the Founder of Wellspring Spiritual Center, LLC and Wellspring Sacred Journeys, Inc. She has been a teacher and workshop facilitator for more than twenty-five years and has maintained a private counseling practice since 1992.

Pamela is an ordained minister, gifted herbalist and a devout lay teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. She has traveled in Asia to study with spiritual masters from many of the world’s greatest practices for mindful living, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and her teacher, the Venerable Lama Losang Samten, Spiritual Director at the Tibetan Buddhist Center in Philadelphia.

In her twenty-five journeys to Peru, she has been afforded the opportunity to study the ancient teaching and healing practices of Andean Cosmology with many gifted Shaman in The Sacred Valley, Northern Coastal Peru and the Amazon Jungle.

“Every minute you perform hundreds of karmic actions, yet you are hardly conscious of any of them. In the stillness of meditation, however, you can listen to your mind, the source of all this activity. You learn to be aware of your actions to a far greater extent than ever before. This self-awareness leads to self-control, enabling you to master your karma rather than be mastered by it.”
— Lama Thubten Yeshe, "In Wisdom Energy"