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October 1, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Cleansing and Healing the Energy Body (MAP)

(Medical Assistance Program)

Registration closes on September 24th.

This workshop is designed for both those who have little or no knowledge of the Medical Assistance Program (MAP) work as well as those who have previously attended Introduction to MAP. If you have already attended Introduction to MAP, please see the note about schedule and fees below.

In the process of awakening and growing our spiritual awareness, we primarily focus on the Chakra System and the emotional/physical origin of 'dis-comfort' and 'dis-ease'. As we evolve as spiritual beings, it becomes necessary to expand and work in our Energy Body, the 'luminous egg' surrounding our dense physical form. 

In this workshop, through a series of exercises and teachings, you will learn to 'reconstruct' and heal the Energy Body. Working with your sacred MAP team, you will learn how to clear the imprints and wounds that retard your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. You will learn how to apply MAP to enhance your daily life by expanding your understanding of the seven layers of the Energy Body and engaging the invisible world of our spiritual guides.

Participants will learn to incorporate the use of Perelandra Soul Ray and Flower Essences into their MAP practice. These Essences were developed in cooperation with nature as a means to balance and stabilize the body.

This new MAP workshop will include how to use your team:

NOTE:  You can purchase the text, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, by Machaelle Small Wright and Soul Ray Essences at  Purchase is not required for this workshop.

What to Bring:

Schedule & Fee Note for those who previously attended an Introduction to MAP workshop: All of the new information will be presented in the afternoon. You can attend the whole day for only $50 or just attend in the morning as a refresher for free.

Fee: $125 (fee includes a copy of the text and flower essences)
“We should think, 'If I live, I will benefit beings. If I die, I will benefit beings. I will benefit beings as the basis, as the path, and as the result.' There is simply no other intention than this.”
— Buddha