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March 15, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Ritual and ceremony (New!)

Registration closes on March 9. Please check the snow date before registering. 

Inkan Shamanism embraces four specific stages of consciousness in ritual and ceremony. The literal, symbolic, energetic and mythic gateways are held as the sacred path in Andean cosmology. This workshop will guide participants to engage and step through these energetic gateways.

Areas of teaching and exploration are different from the last time we offered this workshop, and some have not been taught at Wellspring for years. Our time together will include creating sacred space, Florida water, aroma therapy using Peruvian healing colognes, toning, extractions, drumming, rattling, fire ceremony, jungle tobacco, and using keys.

Who: Mesa carriers, including current participants in the Peruvian Shamanic Studies workshop series.

What to Bring: Mesa, tools, key, notebook, travel mug for hot beverages, your own lunch. Beverages and desserts are provided.

Snow date: May 17

Fee: $100
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