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Reiki - level one

Reiki Master Training Series

Master is a title, mastery is a lifelong process

This training began in 2017. Registration is closed. 

This series requires a commitment to a full year of training, beginning with the workshop on November 11, 2017. Please carefully review the details below before registering.

This year-long apprenticeship will further open your potential to develop a deeper connection to Reiki. This is a program for people who are interested in learning advanced Reiki techniques but are not interested in teaching Reiki at this time. You will receive a Reiki Master Healers Certificate upon completion of this program. This is a path that you can continue to explore and grow as long as you remain a seeker.

Course Content:    

Who: Anyone who has completed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two training (at Wellspring or with another Reiki Master).

What to bring: Your own lunch (for workshop), water bottle and travel mug for hot beverages. All materials, beverages, snacks and dessert are provided.

Note: This program requires a commitment to do all of the following during the year: 

** Date and time for the final practice and ceremony will be based on participant availabity.

Registration: Please call Stacy Armstrong at 610-398-6975 or email to register at least two weeks prior to the first workshop. Online registration and payment is not available for this workshop.
Instructor: Stacy Armstrong
Fee: $325 (includes workshop and 3 subsequent training sessions, pay in full at workshop)
“We should think, 'If I live, I will benefit beings. If I die, I will benefit beings. I will benefit beings as the basis, as the path, and as the result.' There is simply no other intention than this.”
— Buddha