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Registration closes on February 2. Please check the note and snow date below before registering.  

This class will be an overview of Q’ero Andean mysticism. Q’ero-trained mystic, Americo Yabar, said, “The Q’ero live up where the rains begin, where the clouds originate. They live in the ravines where the Pumas also live. They live where the children grow up enfolded with the natural cosmic vision.” Cesar Clavo describes, “The Q’ero people, to this day, dress like Incas, converse like Incas, and live like Incas.” In 2017, the Q’ero mystique remains. They believe the world they have been born into is as conscious of them as they are of it.

This overview will include:

Note: All participants must be mesa-carriers.

What to bring: Your mesa and a crystal representing you (one that isn’t already part of your mesa); water bottle and a notebook; a snack to share (if you choose).

Snow date: February 18

Fee: $65
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