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Hands-only healing

A two-part series (please see notes)

Registration for this two-part series closes on January 5. Please see the note and snow dates below before registering. 

This workshop is designed for beginners and practiced healers alike. This is an opportunity for in-depth study of the Human Energy Field and its relationship to the process of physical and mental healing, presenting a comprehensive view of a way of life that creates and enhances health and growth.

Any illness, be it physical or psychological, will lead you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery that will completely change your life from the inside out. This workshop will assist you in learning how to use our most powerful tools, our hands, for deeper self-healing and for helping others. 

Part One topics include:

Part Two topics include:

Snow dates: January 20, January 25

What to bring: A notebook, water bottle, and a simple snack to share (if you desire).

Registration Note: For new participants, this two-part series requires a commitment to attend both workshops. Participants are obligated to pay for any missed workshops (payment still due on the day of the workshop). 

Participants in 2017's Hands Only Healing workshop do not need to attend Part One, but are welcome to do so (at no cost) as a refresher. Please indicate your preference when registering.

The January 13th workshop costs $100; January 22nd evening class costs $65.

Online payment is accepted for each session.

Fee: $100 (for Jan 13; $65 for Jan 22; payable at the time of each session)
“The mind is often compared to a horseman and the breath to the horse. A wild and untamed horse is difficult for the rider; a very good and well-trained horse is quite useful. If both rider and horse are extremely well trained and skilled, an excellent combination has been made.”
— Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, "Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen"