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October 28, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
November 15, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Peruvian shamanic studies

Registration closes on January 22. Please review the special note and snow dates below before registering.

In the past, we offered Introduction to Inkan  Shamanism and Continuing on the Shamanic Path as two separate series. This year, we’re excited to present Peruvian Shamanic Studies, the best of both series combined into one. In 2018, participants will not only create a solid foundation for personal work on the Shamanic path, but will be prepared to move into our Healer’s Circle to continue learning and practicing healing techniques with others if desired.

Peruvian Shamanism offers a way to connect and communcate with kamaquen, ‘the spirit of all things,’ bringing balance and harmony to the energies of Spirit and Earth. This series explores the cosmology, rites and rituals of both the Northern Curandero and Southern traditions.

Participants will experience foundational teachings, journeys, exercises and healing techniques based upon the tradition of Andean Cosmology. Through the creation of a Mesa, a sacred altar of stones and power objects, participants will learn to activate ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness.

Gifts you’ll receive:

What to bring:

Note: This eight-part series requires a commitment to attend all four Sunday workshops, as well as all four Thursday evening classes. Participants are obligated to pay for any missed sessions (payment still due on the dates of the Sunday workshops). Traveling through the series in order, with your classmates, not only enhances your personal growth, but the bonds of community and growth as a collective. Please plan your calendar in advance so you can attend all year! However, if an emergency causes you to miss one, you can still continue your studies in 2018, then make up the missed session (at no additional cost) in 2019.

Snow dates:
For Sunday workshop: February 11
For Thursday evening session: March 22

Online payment is accepted for each workshop.

Instructor: Roger Cerruti and Kathy Jones, Servicios Brenda Rhodes and Bill Gorton
Fee: $300 (payable at each Sunday session; includes that Sunday workshop and the following Thursday evening class)
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— Lewis Carroll, from "Alice in Wonderland"