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Soul Food... a second helping!

Registration closes on April 8. 

This Earth Day, join Bill and Susan Gorton for a further exploration of the plant-based lifestyle and discover how it can change your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! We will start with our inspiration for transitioning to vegan living and the amazing way it has shifted our lives, including an astounding increase in energy and physical health, mental calmness and clarity, and a greater compassion toward ourselves and others. Then we’ll take a step beyond to discuss how markedly our eating choices impact our planet, discussing the carbon impact of animal products v. plant-based alternatives, as well as GMO v. non-GMO foods. Discover the changes you can make to make a change in the world! We’ll show you many ways you can take either small steps or great leaps toward making changes that will raise your vibration through what you eat, for the betterment of your soul and our Mother Earth.

We will explore:

Whether you’re thinking of making some small changes in your diet or you’re ready to go “whole (no) hog,” or even if you’re just merely curious about what plant-based really means, come join us for a fun and tasty afternoon, including a tantalizing array of delicious food!

Participation in last year’s workshop is not necessary; we will catch you up with the basics. And if you joined us last year, c’mon back! We will offer further areas of exploration and discussion.

What to bring: Your appetite, a notebook, water bottle and/or travel mug for hot beverages (provided).

Instructor: Susan and Bill Gorton
Fee: $75
“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.”
— Tao Te Ching