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Are you sure you're breathing?

A four-part series

Registration closes on April 29. Please see the note below before registering.

“Our breathing is the fragile vessel that carries us from birth to death.” - Frederick Leboyer

Breathing has the power to enhance both the practical present moment and our mystical connection with infinity. It is all there in the breath, free for the asking. Breath is so vital to life, that to go without it for even a short time is fatal. When we hold our breath too long, utter panic follows. Being deprived of oxygen for four minutes will cause your brain to never work the same again. In our lifetime, we will breathe in and out more than a hundred million times. It is very easy to take breathing for granted. You can improve the quality of your entire physical, mental, and emotional well-being if you learn to breathe effectively. 

Conscious breathing:

What to bring: Your own lunch (beverages and dessert provided); a journal for notes, water bottle, and/or travel mug for hot beverages.

Note: This series requires a commitment to attend and pay for all four class both classes. Payment is due at the time of class, even if you can't attend. Online payment is accepted for these classes. 

Fee: $30 (per class; payable at the time of each class)
“We should think, 'If I live, I will benefit beings. If I die, I will benefit beings. I will benefit beings as the basis, as the path, and as the result.' There is simply no other intention than this.”
— Buddha