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Advice for Future Corpses: A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying

Registration closes on May 24.

"Grief is a story that must be told, over and over....
Grief is the breath after the last one."  -- Sallie Tisdale

This workshop is based on Tisdale's understanding of the heartbreaking, beautiful, terrifying, confusing, absurd, and even joyful experiences that accompany the work of dying.

We will explore:

All too often, people avoid preparing for death, so when the time comes, family and friends are left in a macabre and fearful chaos. We must cultivate a frank and open-hearted acceptance of this precious part of life. With acceptance comes the ability to embrace the work that must be done, long before one's final days on the planet. Participants will leave with concrete tools to put their affairs in order, fulfilling obligations to family and friends, and laying the path for a peaceful transition.

Fee: $85
“Try to take the position of an observer... and watch with amazement how your life unfolds... because everything is a gift from BEYOND. More and more I am convinced that if it’s your time, nothing will save you... and if it’s not, nothing will kill you. So, there’s really nothing to fear... a larger Force is in charge, and THAT is what you want to know and connect to.”
— Diane Keeler