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May 24, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Abundance and right livelihood

Registration closes on May 18.

“What we say is so, is what will grow to be so.”  Neale Donald Walsch 

In this workshop, we will explore the meaning of money and prosperity. We will discover the secrets to finding happiness with “Right Livelihood” which leads to creating the true abundance we all deserve. Understanding the spiritual energy of abundance will allow us to relax our old Piscean definitions and attachments to wealth. You will be challenged to go beyond your comfort zone. Why? Because life begins when you become uncomfortable and are pushed to find new solutions. 

Participants will learn:

What to bring: Ten one-dollar Bill's, your own lunch (beverages and dessert provided); a journal for notes, water bottle, and/or travel mug for hot beverages.

Fee: $90
“Try to take the position of an observer... and watch with amazement how your life unfolds... because everything is a gift from BEYOND. More and more I am convinced that if it’s your time, nothing will save you... and if it’s not, nothing will kill you. So, there’s really nothing to fear... a larger Force is in charge, and THAT is what you want to know and connect to.”
— Diane Keeler