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Ruben Orellana on Predisposition in the Andean Healing Arts

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that Ruben Orellana has offered to do a two-hour zoom workshop on October 18th starting at 10:00am. The focus of this presentation is creating “Well-Being” using sound as a healing tool. We can all use a deep teaching on how to cultivate a deeper harmony with universal energy that will help us raise our vibration and support our immune system.

This mini zoom workshop will also help support Wellspring in light of COVID-19 restrictions making it impossible for Ruben to come teach us in person as originally planned. There- are 100 spots open for the workshop and we are asking for a minimum donation of $75 to help Wellspring. If you would like to participate, please register and send your payment right away a spaces are limited.

Once you register AND your payment has been received, we will send you an email with the zoom meeting ID and password. We recommend paying via paypal when registering or by clicking "donate" at the top of our page. We are also accepting cash or checks but they must be received before Oct. 18th.

Many Blessings!

Ruben describes the workshop as follows:


If we understand that PRESDISPOSIITON means “the special inclination to do something”, as we can also say in the modern global world “a tendency to suffer of something," because we had forgotten or had left to prioritize our feeling and emotions, it is the first energy that allows the human existence almost all the time healthy, as we had also abandoned the mystic part our daily life, we only think in the future which takes us to many conflicts, as the daily competence and to put an illusion for our future, an example of this is RETIREMENT, you work only thinking in finishing to be happy and do whatever you want and the truth is that you arrive to that moment so tired or sick that you have no other options.

In the Andean World a lot of importance is given PRESENT TIME and acceptance as it is, if it rains, if there is a lot of heat, it is accepted, and one harmonies with the universal energy, in the same way disease is a consequence of having broken the sentimental or emotional harmony, which make our immune system SLEEP and therefore we become sick.

The disease (lack of firmness) is studied by epidemiology and it has been determined that disease is caused by Infectious Agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa and fungi), by Physical Agents (ionizing radiation, work accidents), by Chemical Agents (toxic chemicals, allergens, drugs, medication) or by Nutritive Elements (excesses, deficiencies). What for science can be measurable. On the contrary, in the tradition of healers (today wrongly called Shamans), the cause of the disease is the feeling and emotions of each living being, since stress is the trigger that the immune system is not alert to protect and/or defend us from disease.

Thus, in the tradition it is important to accept and predispose, that is, to accept being sick and be predisposed to being healed, for this the healer will begin by changing the mental state and then the Ph of the body.

We know that we are going through a pandemic that is affecting us emotionally and we are at high risk of catching a disease. During the workshop we will use sounds, which is a vibration with the human body is accustomed, since our body is never silent, we will provide sounds so that your brain changes to a different state of consciousness and predisposes you to restore relaxation in your mind and body, although it is true that science often says that the sounds of the healers are placebos, we can also affirm that they do not create collateral damages. PREDISPOSE your body, soul and spirit for a mystical experience.

Instructor: Ruben Orellana
Fee: $75 (payment due before workshop)
“Adverse circumstances test our courage, our strength of mind, and the depth of our conviction in the Dharma. There is nothing exceptional about practicing Dharma in a good environment and atmosphere. The true test is if we can maintain our practice in adverse conditions.”
— Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, "Advice From a Spiritual Friend"