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Well-Being with Ruben Orellana (Second Time)

This workshop has been postponed.

This weekend will be the same teachings as the October 17th and 18th workshop (which is already full).

Dear participants,

We are so grateful that this workshop filled before we even got the description from Ruben! 

While Ruben speaks English very well, when he writes, he uses a translation program, which doesn't exactly translate well into language we're used to seeing or hearing. We usually take time to "clean up" the description, thinking that we need to in order for people to be clear about what to expect and to decide whether or not to attend.

This year, since the workshop has already filled based on the knowledge and trust that whatever Ruben has to offer will provide us with a deep and rich spiritual experience, we decided it would be fun to offer the description straight from the Shaman's mouth.

Anyone who knows Ruben will appreciate his thought patterns and cadence in what you read. If you don't care to read or feel like you can't make sense of it, the bottom line is that the workshop is about light. 

We hope you enjoy, and please don't miss that Ruben has requested you dress in a certain way!

What to WEAR and What to Bring: To attend the workshop people have to come dressed in light colors, and during the workshop we will work to make changes on a personal level, each one for the benefit of looking for a moment of happiness. Please bring your own lunch, mesa and tools, extra pillows, notebook, water bottle, and travel mug for hot beverages (beverages and desserts provided).

Man since his appearance on earth has sought to live well, seek satisfaction and be healthy, so that through repetitive and cyclical activities they managed to be well starting from the spiritual as they are ceremonies, rituals helped by spiritual leaders who have started were called healers, medicine man, to later become priests, gurus, shamans and other names product of a more complex society.
This weekend we invite you to connect with happiness, understanding that happiness is coming
from Latin: congratulations that it means fertile, therefore happiness is a state of mind that is a satisfaction. Who is happy feels at ease, happy and pleased. In any case, the concept of happiness is subjective and relative. There is no index of happiness or a category that must be achieved for someone to be considered a happy person. From a biological point of view, happiness is the result of a fluid neural activity where internal and external factors stimulate the LYMBIC SYSTEM (emotional brain).
We will seek to activate this very complex system playing with simple vibrations, such as Light, which is a form of energy that allows us to see what surrounds us. It is all electromagnetic radiation that propagates in waveforms in any space. Light is also known as light energy. There are different sources of light that we can classify as natural and artificial
Light has an important effect for everyone, thanks to it we can see objects, people, signs and symbols, among other things. Light can change the properties of bodies.
It is also the bridge to colors. Color is an interpretation of the wavelengths of light emitted or reflected by a body and captured by the visual system. This means that color is a sensation that occurs in the brain as a reaction to the incidence of light rays in the eyes.
The physical stimulus comes from luminous bodies that emit light and illuminated bodies that reflect part of the light they receive, but it is the brain that produces the mental perception of color. It is a complex neurophysiological process (mostly cultural) similar to the perception of vibrations in the air as sounds.
Although color is perceived as an attribute of objects or light, in reality none of them is colored.
In the same way sound is a sensation that is generated in the ear from the vibrations of things. These vibrations are transmitted by air or other elastic means. Generating melody and music and its opposite being the silence that is an abstinence from the above and that is more mental, since in the tradition of healers everything has sound and color, therefore everything has a soul or spirit.
We will use these energies over the weekend as tools that will allow us to restore harmony in our body both physically and emotionally and spiritually, starting with a personal acceptance of making changes for the benefit of ourselves for which we must come with that predisposition of get well and that happiness is the best tool.
I think that with this the workshop is already described.
Instructor: Ruben Orellana
Fee: $400
“Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom and dignity. It is not enough, as communist systems have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter and clothing. Human nature needs to breathe the precious air of liberty.”
— His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama